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Pro Cabinets & Onyx in St. Louis

Nestled in the heart of St. Louis, Pro Cabinets, has been a beacon of craftsmanship and design in the custom cabinetry design design industry. As a proud Onyx dealer, we specialize in transforming spaces with our bespoke solutions, particularly in bathroom remodeling. Our journey in this industry, marked by a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, has positioned us uniquely in the St. Louis area.

Imagine walking into a space that perfectly reflects your style, where each cabinet and countertop echoes your personality. This is the experience Pro Cabinets strives to provide. Our partnership with Onyx enhances this mission, offering an array of customizable options that cater to every taste and requirement. Onyx, known for its durable and elegant bath products, aligns seamlessly with our philosophy of delivering high-quality material.

Our expertise extends beyond mere construction. At Pro Cabinets, we believe in creating an experience. From the initial in-person consultation to the final reveal, every step is crafted with care and precision. Our design team, boasting over 30 years of combined experience, guides you through a seamless journey, ensuring your vision for a luxurious and functional space comes to life.

As we delve deeper into the world of Pro Cabinets and Onyx, let’s explore the transformative power of these collaborations. We’ll see how these partnerships redefine spaces, bringing a blend of functionality, elegance, and personalization to the forefront. Our blog aims to provide not just insights but inspiration, showcasing how your space can evolve with our expertise and the unparalleled quality of Onyx.

Modern spacious bathroom with Onyx Collection features, including a dual-vanity granite countertop, frameless glass shower, and decorative pendant lighting.

Discovering Onyx

When it comes to redefining spaces with elegance and durability, Onyx stands as a paragon in the industry. As an esteemed Onyx dealer, Pro Cabinets takes pride in bringing this exceptional line to the St. Louis area, elevating the standards of bathroom remodeling. Onyx is not just about products; it’s about creating a lifestyle, a testament to superior craftsmanship and timeless design.

Onyx’s hallmark lies in its versatility and customization capabilities. When envisioning a contemporary bathroom, Onyx offers an extensive range of options. From sleek, modern lavatories to luxurious shower bases, each piece is designed to cater to diverse tastes and functional needs. The beauty of Onyx is in its adaptability; it seamlessly integrates with various design aesthetics, ensuring that your space is not just aesthetically pleasing but also reflective of your unique style.

Onyx is renowned for its durability. Crafted from high-quality materials, Onyx products are built to withstand the test of time. The investment in an Onyx bathroom is not just for the present; it’s a lasting addition to your home. These products resist wear and tear, maintaining their allure for years to come. This resilience, coupled with their timeless design, makes Onyx a smart choice for those who value both form and function.

In the realm of color and texture, Onyx is unmatched. It offers a wide array of choices, ensuring that every client finds the perfect match for their home. The color palette ranges from subtle hues to bold tones, each capable of transforming a space into a statement of personal style. The textures are equally diverse, offering everything from smooth, glossy finishes to more intricate, tactile options. This variety not only allows customization but also ensures that every project stands out as a unique piece of art.

Furthermore, Onyx environmental impact is worth noting. As a company that values sustainability, STL Pro Cabinets is proud to offer products that are not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible. The materials used in Onyx are carefully chosen to minimize environmental footprint, making it an ideal choice for those who are eco-conscious.

Custom-designed beige onyx shower with central mosaic feature

Custom-designed beige onyx shower with central mosaic feature

Customizing with Onyx: Your Dream Design

The journey of transforming a house into a home is deeply personal, and at Pro Cabinets, we understand that each client’s dream design is unique. Partnering with Onyx, we bring to St. Louis a realm of customization that turns your vision into reality. Onyx isn’t just about selecting a product; it’s about crafting a space that’s inherently yours.

Customization with Onyx goes beyond the basic choices of color and size. It delves into the realm of crafting a personalized experience. Imagine choosing not just the color of your bathroom lavatories but also the texture and finish that speak to your style. Or envision designing your bathroom with a shower base that complements the architectural nuances of your space. This level of personalization is what sets Onyx apart.

The beauty of working with Onyx lies in its versatility. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist design or an opulent setup, Onyx offers a spectrum of options. It extends from serene simplicity to luxury spa-like environments. Each Onyx product is a testament to this versatility, offering endless possibilities to match your imagination.

Moreover, Onyx is synonymous with quality and durability, ensuring that your dream design is not only beautiful but also lasting. The materials used are top-grade, resistant to common forms of wear and tear, meaning your investment remains pristine for years. This blend of aesthetics and durability is a cornerstone of our philosophy at Pro Cabinets, reflecting our commitment to delivering the best.

The process of customization with Onyx is a collaborative journey. Our team at Pro Cabinets works closely with each client, ensuring that every aspect of their vision is captured. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we guide you through each step. This journey is not just about selecting products; it’s about creating a narrative for your space, a story that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Modern Onyx lavatory with sleek chrome faucets and brown vanity cabinet.

Modern Onyx lavatory with sleek chrome faucets and brown vanity cabinet.

Pro Cabinets: Expert Design & Consultation

At Pro Cabinets, our essence is not just about selling cabinetry; it’s about crafting a vision in collaboration with our clients. This collaborative journey begins with our expert design and consultation services, a cornerstone of our legacy in the cabinetry industry. Partnering with Onyx, we bring an extra layer of sophistication and customization to each project.

We take pride in guiding our clients through every step of their remodeling journey, from initial concept to final reveal. Our team’s attention to detail and dedication to quality have earned us a reputation as one of the leading cabinetry and design firms in the St. Louis area. This reputation is not just built on the skills of our designers but also on the trust and satisfaction of our clients.

The process of creating your dream space with Pro Cabinets is immersive and personalized. It starts with understanding your vision, needs, and preferences. Our team, excels in translating your ideas into tangible designs. This expertise is not just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality, ensuring that every aspect of your space is both beautiful and practical.

Our design consultation is a comprehensive process:

  1. In-depth Discussion: We delve into your lifestyle, preferences, and desired outcomes. This helps us tailor a design that truly reflects your personality.
  2. Material Selection: We guide you through choosing the right Onyx materials that best suit your design, ensuring durability and style.
  3. Detailed Planning: Every aspect, from dimensions to finishes, is meticulously planned, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your space.

This process is not a one-way street; it’s a dialogue. We believe in the power of communication, ensuring that your feedback and ideas are integral to the design process. It’s this partnership approach that sets Pro Cabinets apart, making each project a unique reflection of our clients.

Modern onyx lavatory with dual sinks and granite countertop, featuring gray wooden cabinets and white wall-mounted medicine cabinet in a well-lit bathroom

Modern onyx lavatory with dual sinks and granite countertop, featuring gray wooden cabinets and white wall-mounted medicine cabinet in a well-lit bathroom

Seamless Onyx Remodeling with Pro Cabinets

Remodeling your space is an exciting venture, yet it can be daunting. At Pro Cabinets, we’ve refined the process, ensuring a seamless transition from the old to the new, especially with our Onyx line. Our St. Louis clients have repeatedly praised this hassle-free remodeling journey, which we tailor to fit each unique vision and lifestyle.

What makes our remodeling process stand out?

  1. Customized Planning: Each project starts with a deep understanding of your needs and preferences. This personalized approach ensures that the final outcome is not just functional but also a true reflection of your style.
  2. Expert Coordination: We manage all aspects of the project, including coordination with contractors and suppliers. This comprehensive management minimizes disruptions and streamlines the workflow.
  3. Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality is unwavering. From the finest Onyx materials to planning out your bathroom remodel, we guarantee excellence at every step.
  4. Client Involvement: We believe in keeping you informed and involved throughout the process. Regular updates and consultations ensure that your vision is being accurately brought to life.

The transformation that occurs during a Pro Cabinets remodeling project is profound. Bathrooms transition from functional areas to personal retreats. The incorporation of Onyx guarantees that these spaces are not only visually stunning but also built to last.

Our clients in St. Louis have witnessed their spaces undergo remarkable transformations. The joy of seeing a mundane bathroom evolve into a luxurious sanctuary, is unparalleled. These transformations are more than just physical renovations; they are reinventions of living spaces.

Elegant Onyx lavatory with dual white sinks, granite countertop, and classic white cabinetry reflecting in a large framed mirror.

Elegant Onyx lavatory with dual white sinks, granite countertop, and classic white cabinetry reflecting in a large framed mirror.

Why Choose Pro Cabinets for Onyx Needs

As we conclude our journey through the world of Pro Cabinets and Onyx, it’s essential to understand why choosing Pro Cabinets for your Onyx needs in the St. Louis area is a decision that offers lasting benefits. With over three decades combined experience in the cabinetry industry, our designers have not only honed their craftsmanship but also deepened our understanding of what our clients truly need and desire.

Firstly, Pro Cabinets stands out for its unparalleled expertise in custom cabinetry design design solutions. Our partnership with the Onyx brings a unique combination of durability, elegance, and style to every project we undertake. Onyx, known for its high-quality, customizable products, perfectly complements our mission to provide tailored solutions for each client. Here’s what makes Pro Cabinets the go-to choice:

  1. Personalized Design Consultation: Our approach to design is thorough and client-focused. We ensure that every aspect of your vision is captured and brought to life with precision and creativity.
  2. Expert Craftsmanship: With a team that boasts over 30 years of combined experience, our craftsmanship is unmatched. We take pride in delivering finished products that are not only visually stunning but also of the highest quality.
  3. Seamless Project Management: From initial consultation to final delivery, we handle every detail with meticulous care. Our process is designed to be stress-free and efficient, respecting your time and investment.
  4. Local Knowledge and Expertise: Being a part of the St. Louis community, we understand the local preferences and styles. This local expertise ensures that your space is not just modern and stylish but also resonates with the St. Louis charm.
  5. Dedicated Customer Service: At Pro Cabinets, we believe in building relationships. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction, from the first call to post-installation support.

Choosing Pro Cabinets for your Onyx needs means entrusting your home to experts who value quality, customization, and customer satisfaction above all else. Our dedication to excellence and our deep understanding of Onyx ensure that your bathroom remodeling projects are not just a fleeting change but a lasting transformation of your space.

In the vibrant city of St. Louis, let Pro Cabinets be your partner in turning your house into a home that reflects your style, personality, and elegance. Contact us today, and embark on a journey to create the space you’ve always dreamed of, with the unmatched beauty and durability of Onyx.

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